The season has started to settle into its heady Summer humidity, complete with spots of sunshine, cloud, rain and Wimbledon. If you are one of the many who have experienced the epic thunderstorms of the past week you also may have, like I, have felt some primeval and instinctive connection to the weather. With the world being battered and buffeted at the mercy of the elements. Though I may be getting carried away with myself being that I was woken at 3 am to a veritable discharging cannon of thunder and my stressed dog that was attempting to use my previously comatose self as her very own living Anderson-shelter.

But while I should probable steer clear from ramblings of early morning blogging, it did get me thinking about the relationship we have with the weather and how, no matter how fancifully, it does seem to strike to the more elemental side of human nature. It’s no surprise that deities associated with storms, thunder and lightning still pervade our modern perception. Check out a list of all of the thunderous deities here)


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